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Bases PortuariasBases Portuarias

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Competitiveness between ports emphasizes needs to identify new business opportunities. As a second premise, in order to find the best scenario to ensure profits and returns, it is essential to build our investment decisions on solid, accurate and certain information.

In both cases, it is essential to have updated data, with sufficient volume and with the adequate precision.

In Bases Portuarias we have this dynamically-updated information, to be used in the development of planning tools such as Strategic Plans or Business Plans or for the preparation of market studies, reports, presentations, dashboards, trade missions, etc., taking in account all phases of port business:

  1. The consolidation and acquisition of new import and export traffics
  2. The acquisition of trans-shipment traffics

Our solution will provide the necessary answers; from a simple question such as What behavior have a traffic had in the past? Up to Which will be the volume for the next 20 years? Which position is adequate in relation to their possible future behavior? Can we invest? Who are the customers to contact? What added value can we offer to them?

In simple terms, there is a need to carefully select the right target and which message are we going to transmit. Otherwise, the opportunities of success decrease and any economic or personal efforts may become useless. Operating with the confidence of choosing appropriate partners and sectors goes through having the right information, a deep analysis and the communication of a valuable proposition.

Accurate, usable and updated information about market future trends and present opportunities provided advantages over competitors which may have, in some cases, higher human and financial resources.